Caring for my Earth​


Did you know that humankind has caused so much harm to our Earth, and created so much waste over the last 30 years, that experts are concerned there will be no natural resources or wilderness left within the next 50-100 years?


Sustainability is a huge subject area, but it's main focus is to develop a sense of understanding, connection, knowledge, and responsibility for our world, including our economy, our people, and our environment. 


Sustainability can sometimes be understood only as environmental sustainability, such as recycling, gardening and saving water and power. These things are all very important, and we use them in our daily program, however, we also cover other important areas that encourage children to take responsibility for their world.



Involving children in discussions about Human Rights, different cultures, different languages, and what it means to be human. We aim for this to give children a very deep understanding about the diversity of our world, and ask them to think about what is fair and what is not.



Although children are not in the workforce, they are definitely able to consider topics of economic sustainability. This could include topics such as waste from toys and packaging, and thinking about ideas to minimise how much waste we create. This topic is easily tied into environmental sustainability.




Environmental sustainability includes recycling, water saving, eating from our garden (to reduce stress on farmers, money, and oversupply/waste at the supermarket) and talking abour the risk of harm to our animals, wildlife, etc. Discussions and research into these areas encourage children to take responsibility, and reduce wateful and harmful actions in their future, to keep the Earth healthy.



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